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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Spring Nail Polishes!

New nail polishes by Wet & Wild.
So wet & wild has a new nail polish line and i absolutely love them one is called"Spoiled" & the other "Megalast" the have tons of colors by spoiled im not sure how many but it a lot!!! I got these at CVS there $1.99 each.
I have a few others, im thinking of getting them All!! Thats how mych i like them.
These are my new ones and there great for spring and there actually trending. 
The middle ones looks pink but its a purple-ish color.

The colors names are.
Left:Designated Driver
Middle:Through the Grapevine
Right:I only Eat Salad
      Here`s a picture of the colors. The picture is kinda bad quality but i love the yellow color.Its really hard to find a matte yellow.These are all matte by the way there`s no shimmer to them.

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