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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Unboxing my Holiday Voxbox!

So today 12/9/2011 i receive my holiday voxbox in the mail and omg i was so happy. The mail mad even game a face like "umm is she ok" lol

This is what was in my Voxbox! :)

 i received a total of 7 things and ive tried out 3 so far the Mentos gum,NYC lipshine and the Larabar, and both were yum! im a big gum fan so i love all gum the Larabar had a different taste then what i though the flavor was cookie dough but it tasted fruity had nuts and chocolate in it, but It was still very good! 

I will be in the hunt to find them in the store to try out other flavors.

The Nyc lipshine i feel in love with i love nude colors and pinks i havent really tried anything bold yet, but i have to say this color looks amazin!! the name is "Nude york city"

Im looking forward to test and trying out everything else to ill be posting more reviews soon! :)

Thank again influenster!

P.S. Today was my 2 year and 3month anniversary with my Boyfriend, today was a good day!

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