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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hello i hope everyone is well, i just came to share something amazing to my followers here about a amazing website call INFLUENSTER!

Influenster is a exclusive community of trendsetters using there influences to qualify for complimentary products to test out ones your sighed up you`ll have to unlock badges that reflect on what your lifestyle is(and its free to join). Ones you unlock you badges every month influenster picks people depending on the kind of badge you have unlocked or most active members from the sight to receive a VOXBOX!
As of right now that i know of its only United States residents but they will be growing and expanding worldwide!

Im sure you like "umm ok whats a voxbox!?

well it something amazing and great!=]

Each month they have a theme, this was this months.
So the people who qualify for a voxbox will be shipped a package of products, the boxes could include products like the top beauty, health,hair care products ,snack, and even maybe a beverage to try out and test out in your daily day to day routine, and there full size samples to try and there all free!!

Your only job is to try them out give feedback back to influenster and also share and spread the word out your experience with the brands they sent you with your friends, family and also your social network like twitter facebook or blog!This will be my second box i sighed up on july 11 2011 and from experience there is no catch! So there`s nothing to worry about.

So i encourage everyone to go sigh up and you might be the next qualified member to get one!

I will post a update and pictures ones my package arrives.

There wedsite

Hope you all sigh up and have fun!
If you have any question feel free to ask me. =]

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