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Monday, August 15, 2011

Meet My Beautiful Cat!

Ive always wanted a cat when i was little but my dad and older sister are allergic to them! Then when i meet my boyfriend he had two cats a boy and a girl, they had babys and he let me choose one to keep forever! =] 

And i choose him!
 This is him now hes 1 and a half years old he has blue eyes!
This was him as a baby.

He just be came a daddy today and had 4 cute baby kittens ones just like him when he was born the other 3 are white with gray. I will be keeping the one thats just like him! <3

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  1. You're such an animal lover!
    I just have a doggy, but it really isnt mine because "you dont pick the animal, the animal picks you" So i bought it and well damn skippy ended up going with my mom ;( LOL
    Now my sissy went overboard and she is the crazy cat lady... Think of a cat with a certain pattern, she probably has one just like it. LOL
    You're kitty is cute by the way!<333